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About Us
Founded in 1997, Analog Technologies, Inc. (ATI), specializes in the R&D and production of analog and digital electronic hardware modules,sub-systems, and systems. Our main product lines include: laser drivers, TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler) controllers, TECs (Thermo-Electric Coolers),  high precision and high stability thermistors, customized heat sinks, SMT (SMD) resistor kits, SMT (SMD) capacitor kits, SMT (SMD) inductor kits, LED drivers, LED lights, etc.
Our Customers
During the past 26 years, we have accumulated over 10,000 customers worldwide, including Black Decker, NASA, HP, US Army, Linear Tech, MIT, National Semiconductor, US Air Force, TI (Texas Instruments), etc. Most of the major electronic companies are our customers.
New Products
TEC Controllers
TECA1-xV-xV-DAH Series
High Voltage Laser Driver
ATLSXA216 Series
Super Kits Enclosure
High Voltage Power Supplies
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TEC Controllers Laser Drivers High Voltage Power Supplies TEC Modules
Piezo Driver Modules Thermistors LED Related Products Noise Measurement Amplifier
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